Reporting non-compliance or the unintended presence of GMOs

A key function of the OGTR is to manage the risks posed by gene technology. We rely on your help in reporting non-compliance or the unintended presence of GMOs.

Reporting the unintended presence of GMOs

It is important that you call us as soon as possible if you have come into possession of a GMO inadvertently.

The Regulator can, with your agreement, treat you as having made an inadvertent dealings application. You can also apply for a licence for the inadvertent dealing.

It is an offence under the Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act) to conduct any unapproved dealing with a GMO, including the destruction of the GMO.

Reporting potential non-compliance in your dealings

In an emergency (known or suspected that GMOs have escaped containment), call us on 1800 181 030 (24 hours).

You must report any incident of potential non-compliance with the conditions of authorisation for your dealings with GMOs.

Reporting suspected non-compliance in others’ dealings

If you suspect someone is not complying with the Act, you need to let us know. Doing so helps us deal with people who are breaking Australia's gene technology laws and protect human health and safety, and the environment.

Become part of the regulatory scheme

Your organisation can ask to become part of the gene technology regulatory scheme. This will give you more flexibility in managing the unintended presence of unapproved GMOs.

Becoming part of the regulatory scheme means you’ll effectively have prior approval to deal with such GMOs, if that dealing occurred in an appropriate containment facility.

Your organisation will need to meet some requirements to become part of the scheme. You must meet these before you become aware of the presence of an unapproved GMO. These requirements are to:

  • have an appropriate containment facility certified by the Regulator
  • have access to an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
  • have the IBC assess an NLRD for the type of GMO dealings most likely to occur if you inadvertently come into possession of a GMO to ensure that your standard practices meet statutory requirements.
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