Reporting changes to key organisation contacts​

Accredited organisations must tell the Gene Technology Regulator within 30 days about changes to organisation contacts, authorised persons and IBC contacts.

Organisation contacts

Organisations must tell us about changes to their contact details and assigned contact persons. Let us know about changes to contact and authorisation details for the:

  • organisation
  • CEO
  • Primary Contact Officer
  • Secondary Contact Officer

Contact Officers and Authorisation

An organisation’s Primary Contact Officer is the first point of contact for all communications from us.

The Secondary Contact Officer is an optional back-up for the Primary Contact Officer. We include both contacts in our correspondence.

We consider an organisation’s CEO (or equivalent) is automatically authorised to act on behalf of their organisation on all OGTR matters. Some guidance is outlined in the Guidance note for OGTR Contact Roles and Authorisation on the roles and the authority expected of key contacts in interactions between the organisation and the OGTR. 

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) contacts

Organisations that maintain an IBC are responsible for advising us about changes to the IBC’s contact details and assigned contact persons. Let us know about changes to IBC committees, ensure you include details of:

  • the name of the IBC
  • the name of the Chairperson
  • the main contact of the IBC.

We will send any correspondence relating to the IBC to the main contact.

Notifying us about key changes

The form to Notify of a Change in Contact and Portal Access is now available in a downloadable form.

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