Requesting changes to facility certification​

You can request changes to a facility certification such as a variation, suspension, lift of suspension and surrender. Find out how the process works and how to lodge an application.

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We have general advice about managing certified facilities and licences during COVID-19 restrictions.

Types of changes you can request

You can request certain changes to your facility certification, including:

  • varying your certification
  • suspending your certification
  • lifting a suspension
  • surrendering your certification

Before you lodge your application

  • Ensure you provide the minimum information with your application. We will not accept an application without it.
  • Check you are authorised by the certification holder to apply to modify a certification. We maintain a list of authorised persons for each certification holder. If you are not on this list, the application must state that you are authorised to request the modification.

Lodge your application


Request changes to certification

Use this form to request a variation, suspension, lifting of a suspension or surrender of your facility certification.

You can also email or post your request and supporting information. 

After you’ve lodged your application

  1. If you lodge your application online, you will receive an email receipt with a PDF of your application attached.
  2. We will notify you of your application’s reference number. Please use this in any correspondence with us regarding the certification application.
  3. Contact us if we have not notified you of your reference number within 2 weeks of lodging your application.

Time frames

There are no statutory time frames for actioning applications to modify certifications. However, we generally try to action:

  • variations within 90 working days
  • suspensions, lift of suspensions and surrenders within 7 working days. If you require an urgent suspension contact us.

These time frames do not include weekends, ACT public holidays, and time spent waiting for applicants to respond to requests for additional information.