Requesting changes to organisation accreditation​

The Gene Technology Act 2000 allows for accreditations to adjust to changing circumstances. Find out about varying, suspending and surrendering accreditation.

Requesting a change to accreditation

Organisations can send requests to us to vary, surrender or suspend accreditation.

Surrender of accreditation

An organisation may apply for a surrender of accreditation if, for example, it no longer undertakes licenced work with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

When applying for a surrender of accreditation, remember that:

  • An authorised person must make the application to the Regulator. If we do not have the person submitting the application listed as an authorised person, they must state in the application that they are authorised to submit the request.
  • The organisation should advise us of the ongoing status of any IBCs it established.
  • The conditions of accreditation continue to apply until the applicant receives written confirmation from the Regulator that the surrender process is complete.
  • The surrender of accreditation will have implications for any licences which require ongoing accreditation as a condition of the licence.

If an organisation will need accreditation in the foreseeable future, it can apply for a suspension.

Suspension of accreditation

An organisation can request a suspension of accreditation. The Regulator can also suspend an accreditation if an organisation breaches the conditions of accreditation.

The Regulator will give the organisation written notice of any decision on suspension.

Suspension will have implications for any licences which have ongoing accreditation as a condition.

Accredited organisation name change

If an organisation changes its name, they should tell us and request a change to the accreditation to reflect the new name. 

Accreditation cannot be transferred between organisations. Instead, the current organisation should surrender their accreditation and the new organisation should apply to the Regulator for its own accreditation.

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