Routine monitoring​

Routine monitoring visits determine whether organisations are complying with the Gene Technology Act 2000 and the Gene Technology Regulations 2001.

Routine monitoring occurs with an organisation’s voluntary or consensual involvement. It is about deterrence and helping organisations to comply. It includes assessing:

  • field trial sites
  • clinical trials
  • contained facilities certified by the Regulator.

When we inspect

We generally pre-arrange monitoring activity. We often time it to coincide with an agreed milestone such as the harvest of a field trial or dealings commencing in a containment facility. However, the activity can be unannounced, such as ‘spot checks’ conducted to ensure that compliance is maintained at all times and not just when organisations are informed of an impending OGTR visit.

Inspection activity usually involves physical attendance by OGTR staff. But we can also conduct activities via videoconferencing, or using data or information provided by the organisation.

Inspection activities

We inspect to:

  • monitor compliance with licence conditions
  • check laboratory containment measures
  • identify possible preventive actions.

Our quarterly activities reports detail our monitoring activities.

Further information

Our monitoring and compliance protocols contain more information on how we conduct monitoring and compliance activities.

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