Apply for an inadvertent dealing licence

If you come into possession of a genetically modified organism (GMO) without realising or intending to, you need a licence for all further dealings with the GMO, including destruction. Learn how to apply for an inadvertent dealings licence.

Contact us first

Call us on 1800 181 030 as soon as possible if you think you have inadvertently come into possession of a GMO.

We will discuss your situation and options, including any additional authorisations you may need.

You must apply for a licence even if you have already disposed of the GMO.

Apply for a licence

You can also apply for an inadvertent licence using a downloadable form.

Application process

  1. Apply for an inadvertent dealings licence.
  2. We acknowledge the receipt of the application and assign it an ID number. Use this ID when enquiring about the application.
  3. We may ask you for more information.
  4. The Regulator makes a decision on the application.
  5. We notify you of the decision.
  6. We record the decision on the public GMO Record.
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