Have your containment facility certified

Certain work with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must be done in certified facilities. Find out how to apply for certification.

Apply for facility certification

Check the facility certification guidelines for the facility type you are applying for. 

You must include a completed application checklist when applying for certification of:

  • a PC2 Large Scale facility
  • any type of PC3 facility
  • a PC4 facility (contact us for more information).

OGTR staff will also inspect these facilities before certification. Inspection checklists are available for reference. 

The Regulator considers applications to certify a P3 Plant Facility on a case-by-case basis.

As a guide, a PC3 Plant Facility is expected to comply with the PC3 Laboratory Guidelines. However, the Regulator may impose exemptions and extra conditions to ensure containment of PC3 GM microorganisms used in or on plant hosts.

You can also apply for facility certification using a downloadable form.

Decision timeframes

The Regulator will make a decision about the certification of a facility within 90 working days of receiving an application.

This does not include weekends, ACT public holidays, and time spent waiting for applicants to respond to requests for additional information. 

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