Apply for a DIR licence

A DIR is a dealing involving the intentional release of GMOs. A DIR licence issued by the Regulator sets out the conditions under which such dealings must be done. Find out how to apply for a DIR licence.

Contact us first

We encourage you to contact us before submitting an application. We can advise you about the appropriate application form and discuss information requirements.

This is particularly important if the application is for work with a GM plant where the parent plant is not present in the Australian environment.

Apply for a licence

Application process

  1. Your organisation submits an application to an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) for review (not required for commercial/general release). 
  2. Send the application to us.
  3. We acknowledge receipt of the application and assign it an ID number. Use this ID when enquiring about the application.
  4. For commercial release applications, the Regulator consults with experts, agencies and authorities about the application.
  5. We prepare a risk assessment and risk management plan (RARMP) for the application.
  6. The Regulator opens up the RARMP for consultation. The Regulator consults the Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee, prescribed agencies and authorities, and the public.
  7. The Regulator makes a decision on the application. We notify the applicant.
  8. We record the decision on the public GMO Record.

Decision timeframes

The Gene Technology Regulations 2001 prescribe how many working days the Regulator has to make a decision about an application:

  • for limited and controlled release DIRs – 150 days
  • for limited and controlled release DIRs, where the Regulator has identified significant risk – 170 days
  • for DIRs where the applicant does not propose to limit or control the release – 255 days.

This does not include weekends, ACT public holidays, and time spent waiting for applicants to respond to requests for additional information. 

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