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Non-compliance details

Not all fields are mandatory, but we appreciate as much information as you can provide.

1) List the names and any known contact details of the licence holder or persons you believe are being non-compliant.

These may be private citizens or companies. Please provide any contact information you believe may be relevant.

2) Provide a summary of the matter you are reporting.

Please include names, dates, times, locations and any other information you believe may be relevant.

3) If it is not mentioned in your summary, describe how you became aware of the matter you are reporting.


4) List any other people who know about this matter and could assist the OGTR.

Please include their names, contact details, and whether they are aware you have provided their details to the OGTR.

5) List any other agencies to whom you have reported this matter.

Please include the names of the agencies, when you contacted them, and their responses.

6) List any documents, records or other information you have or know of that may be relevant.

Note that you do not need to provide these documents at this time. They will be requested by the OGTR if needed.

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