Our service charter

Our service charter details our commitment to providing quality services to the public and users of Australia’s scheme for gene regulation. It also outlines what to do when we do not meet the charter.

Our service delivery

We comply with the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct in all aspects of our business. We deliver high-quality service and endeavour to be courteous, considerate, impartial, consistent, honest, ethical and professional.

What you can expect us to do

  • Treat you with courtesy at all times.

  • Act with integrity, empathy, professionalism and mutual respect.

  • Be objective in our dealings with you.

  • Listen to you, confirm that we have understood your views or query and respond to all matters of concern.

  • Explain our processes and requirements in a way you can understand.

  • Provide relevant and easy-to-understand responses to letters and emails in a timely manner.

  • Return phone calls promptly.

  • Identify ourselves to you on the telephone, and provide contact details in written correspondence.

  • Keep our discussions with you confidential except as required by legislation.

  • Treat your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

  • Offer face-to-face meetings to aid discussion.

  • Continuously improve our systems and processes to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary administrative burdens.

What we can do

  • Support the Gene Technology Regulator to meet the statutory responsibilities and time frames set out in the legislation.
  • Comply with all aspects of the gene technology legislation.
  • Declare, avoid and/or manage potential conflicts of interest when giving advice or making decisions.
  • Use the best available science and evidence to guide decision-making.
  • Provide applicants with background information and reasons for decisions if requested.
  • Regard all individuals and organisations as legitimate stakeholders in the gene technology regulatory scheme.
  • Align our work with best Australian and international standards of risk analysis and regulatory practice.
  • Provide general advice and information about the gene technology regulatory scheme.
  • Clarify existing guidance.
  • Try to refer you to the appropriate organisation if your enquiry is outside our scope.
  • Respect your rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Respond to reports of incidents or suspected breaches as the highest priority.

What we cannot do

  • Prioritise your application over others.
  • Advise you on the likely outcome of your application.
  • Provide information or advice on GM foods (please contact FSANZ).
  • Provide information or advice on the use of pesticides on GM crops (please contact APVMA).
  • Provide legal advice, including offering interpretation of the legislation and how it applies to your circumstance.
  • Provide advice regarding your business decisions.
  • Make decisions on behalf of your Institutional Biosafety Committee.
  • Provide you with confidential commercial information without the consent of the owner or unless otherwise allowed by the legislation.

What we expect you to do

  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Allow us sufficient time to respond to your requests.
  • Respond to our requests for information accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Be open and honest to further strengthen relationships.
  • Advise us promptly when your details change.
  • Learn and abide by any legal requirements and other obligations under the Act that apply to you concerning gene technology and dealings with GMOs.
  • Let us know if our services are not meeting your expectations.

If you are unsatisfied with our service

  • Try to resolve the matter with the staff member you are dealing with.
  • Ask to talk to the staff member’s manager.
  • Make a written complaint to the Regulator.

If you are still unsatisfied, talk to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

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