Academic publications

Our staff contribute to a range of academic works in peer-reviewed journals and book sections. Here are the various publications, and the OGTR staff who were involved.

Horizontal gene transfer from genetically modified plants – Regulatory considerations (2022) – J.G. Philips, E. Martin-Avila, and A.V. Robold.

Clinical gene technology in Australia: building on solid foundations (2022) – J.G. Philips.

20 years of legislation – How Australia has responded to the challenge of regulating genetically modified organisms in the clinic (2022) – J.G. Philips, H.J. Mitchell, and  M. Dornbusch.

Australia—Biodiversity Considerations as Part of the Regulation of GMOs, Including Synthetic Organisms (2020) – A.V. Robold and H.J. Mitchell.

Regulation of GM organisms for invasive species control (2020) – H.J. Mitchell.

Clarifying the regulation of genome editing in Australia: situation for genetically modified organisms (2019) – P. Thygesen.

Experiences in engaging the public on biotechnology advances and regulation (2016) – P.K. Keese.

Building better environmental risk assessments (2015) – P.K. Keese.

Genetic basis and detection of unintended effects in genetically modified crop plants (2015) – P.K. Keese.

Challenges researchers need to consider when dealing with regulators (2014)  – J. Smith and H.J. Mitchell.

Applying a weed risk assessment approach to GM crops (2014) – P.K. Keese, A.V. Robold, R.C. Myers, S. Weisman and J. Smith.

Genetically engineered trees for plantation forests: key considerations for environmental risk assessment (2013) – K. Tattersall.

Risk Assessment of Abiotic Stress Tolerant GM Crops (2012) – P. Howles and J. Smith.

Australian experience with herbicide tolerant (HT) and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton (2011) – J. Smith.

Problem formulation in the environmental risk assessment for genetically modified plants (2010) – P.K. Keese.

GMO risk assessment around the world: Some examples (2008) – S. Meek.

Risks from GMOs due to horizontal gene transfer (2008) – P.K. Keese.

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