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Transparency is a feature of the Regulator's decision making. This includes consultation on all licences for intentional release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the environment, and on the revision of guidelines and development of amended regulations. Find out how you can contribute.

Public participation in assessing gene technology

We rigorously assess each application to release a GMO into the environment for risk to human health and safety and the environment. This involves writing a risk assessment and risk management plan (RARMP).

A RARMP is open to submission of comments for a minimum of 30 days. Experts, stakeholders and any member of the community can comment on a RARMP.

We advertise when a RARMP is ready for comment in the Government Notices Gazette, in newspapers and on this website. You can also subscribe to be notified by email.

All comments are taken into consideration before the Gene Technology Regulator makes a decision about the application.

Open for consultation

The following DIR applications are under consideration and open for public consultation.

Licence number Project title Organisation Closing date

Commercial supply of a live attenuated vaccine containing canine distemper virus and a genetically modified canine parvovirus (Nobivac Puppy DP Plus) for dogs

Intervet Australia Pty Ltd

We are committed to making applications for licences and the subsequent risk assessments available to anyone who wants to see them. Contact us to get copies of any application for release of a GMO into the environment. You can also view the risk assessments we prepare for these applications. 

We also occasionally ask for public comment on other matters such as proposed changes to the Regulator’s guidelines and policy documents, and reviews of the legislation.

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