Apply for an NLRD​

An Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) must assess a notifiable low risk dealing (NLRD) before it can be undertaken. Learn more about NLRDs including how to apply for approval.

What is an NLRD?

A Notifiable Low Risk Dealing (NLRD) is an activity with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that is:

  • undertaken in containment, in a facility certified by the Gene Technology Regulator or approved in writing by the Regulator
  • assessed as posing low risk to the health and safety of people and the environment provided certain risk management conditions are met.

Schedule 3 of the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 (the Regulations) specifies the types of dealings with GMOs classified as an NLRD. An Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) must assess an NLRD before it can be undertaken.

Details of NLRDs are publicly available in the GMO Record.

Getting approval to conduct an NLRD

  1. The applicant submits an NLRD proposal to an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). We strongly recommend using the Record of Assessment (RoA) guidance document when preparing an NLRD proposal.
  2. IBC reviews the proposal to confirm it meets the requirements for an NLRD:
    • Checks the dealing is mentioned in parts 1 or 2, and not mentioned in part 3, of Schedule 3 of the Regulations.
    • Determines the suitability of the people and facilities proposed for the dealings.
  3. IBCs must prepare an RoA for each proposed NLRD. They give a copy of each RoA to the applicant. The applicant must not commence the NLRD until they receive the RoA.

    We recommend that IBC’s use the model form when preparing an RoA.

    The RoA cannot be changed. If variations are needed, a new NLRD must be assessed.

Conducting the dealings

NRLDs must be conducted:

  • as described in the IBC RoA
  • by people with appropriate training and experience
  • within a facility specified in the RoA

Transporting, storing and disposing of GMOs must be carried out according to the Regulator’s guidelines. The Regulator may specifically approve alternate conditions for a particular NLRD.

An NLRD RoA is only valid for 5 years. Each dealing must be assessed every five years to ensure they still meet the requirements to be conducted as an NLRD.

Reporting requirements

Those conducting NLRDs must report them to the Regulator. This can be any time from the date of assessment until 30 September of the following financial year.

Organisations accredited under the Gene Technology Act 2000 must report NLRDs prior to submitting their annual report to the Regulator.

The NLRD reporting form must be used.

You can use a template to bulk import NRLD details into the online reporting form.

This spreadsheet is not to be used to report NLRDs via email.

If you need help to complete the online form an NLRD import instructions guide has been created.

You can also report NRLDs using the downloadable form


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