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  • How we treat Confidential Commercial Information

    In order to assess the risks from the GMO the Regulator requires information about the GMO and the proposed work. While the applicant may want to keep some of this information secret, they must tell the Regulator so the right licence decision can be made.

  • Ongoing monitoring of the safety of GM crops in Australia

    In Australia, farmers can only grow a genetically modified (GM) crop if the crop has been approved by the Gene Technology Regulator (the Regulator). You can read about all commercial GM crops that are authorised in Australia in the GMO Record.

  • Biohacking and community science

    There is a growing community of individuals in Australia who are conducting do-it-yourself biology which is also sometimes known as biohacking or community science.

  • Don't import glowing fish unless you have authorisation

    Glowing or fluorescent fish such as GloFish® are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and it is illegal to import them into Australia for personal or commercial use without an authorisation from the Regulator.

  • Genetically modified (GM) Petunias in Australia

    The Gene Technology Regulator (the Regulator) has become aware that unauthorised genetically modified (GM) petunias have entered the Australian and international markets.

  • Genetically modified (GM) crops in Australia

    Three genetically modified (GM) crops are grown in Australia: cotton, canola and safflower. GM carnations have also been approved for growing or importing into Australia. Other crops are undergoing field trials.

  • OGTR Monitoring and Compliance Framework July 2018

    The Regulator is an independent statutory office holder who administers the Act and has powers under the Act to monitor for compliance, and to take enforcement action when required.

  • Oral trial of a cholera vaccine in Australia

    In 2014 the Gene Technology Regulator (the Regulator) approved a trial of an oral live genetically modified cholera vaccine. Up to 1000 people were given a dose of the vaccine in a drink.

  • What is gene technology?

    Gene technology (also known as genetic engineering or genetic modification) provides ways to make changes to genes – the sets of instructions in the cells of all living creatures. There is a large amount of overlap between ‘gene technology’ and the newer term ‘synthetic biology’.

  • GMOs in Schools

    Commercially available kits are used in Australian schools to help science students learn about genetics.

  • Communique of GTECCC meeting of 12 June 2018

    This Communique covers matters considered at the 11th meeting of the Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee (12 June 2018, Canberra).

  • Monitoring Compliance Update June 2018

    This update outlines the work of the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) in ensuring compliance with Australia’s gene technology legislation and regulations.

  • OGTR Newsletter Issue 3

    This issues focusses on low-level (PC1 & PC2) facility certification processes.