Inadvertent Dealings (ID) documents

The following documents are available for inadvertent dealings with GM petunias:

Factsheet - Questions and Answers

A series of questions and corresponding answers on GM petunias in Australia.

Table of GM Petunias in Australia

A table of GM petunia varieties that have been imported into Australia
Table of GM petunias in Australia (PDF 2659 KB)
Table of GM petunias in Australia (Word 2600 KB)

Summary of Risk Analysis

The document summarizes the Risk Analysis.
GM petunia Risk Analysis (PDF 169 KB)
GM petunia Risk Analysis (Word 91 KB)

Factsheet - GM Petunia disposal methods

This document outlines the disposal methods for plants and seeds.

Licence Conditions

The document sets out the licence conditions imposed by the Regulator.
GM petunia generic licence (PDF 164 KB)
GM petunia generic licence (Word 65 KB)

Licence Holders

This document lists the licence holders.
List of Licence holders (PDF 69 KB)
List of Licence holders (Word 47 KB)