DIR 205

Limited and controlled release of canola genetically modified for increased abiotic stress tolerance.

Licence details

Licence number:
DIR 205
Licence status:
Application under evaluation
Limited and controlled


Date application received:
RARMP open for public consultation:
RARMP closed for public consultation:


Licence application - invitation to comment

An invitation for written submissions from the public on the consultation version of the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan. It also explains how the public can access the consultation documents and the due date for submissions.

Licence application - Q&A

FAQs on the licence application and a brief outline of the assessment and public consultation processes.

Risk assessment and risk management plan (consultation) - summary

A summary of the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan prepared as part of the assessment of this application. It provides a brief description of the licence application, the risk assessment and risk management plan.

Risk assessment and risk management plan (consultation) - full version

A draft risk assessment and management plan prepared to support the Regulator's decision. It describes the GMO(s) and proposed work with the GMO(s) and provides an assessment of potential risks posed by the GMO(s).

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