DIR 189

Limited and controlled release of sorghum genetically modified for asexual seed formation

Licence details

Licence number:
DIR 189
Licence status:
Limited and controlled

The University of Queensland

Parent organism:

Sorghum bicolor

Modified trait:

asexual seed formation

Licence issue date:

This licence authorises The University of Queensland to conduct a field trial of sorghum genetically modified (GM) for asexual seed formation.

The GM sorghum may be grown at one site with a maximum area of one hectare per season. The field site is at the University of Queensland’s Gatton Campus in the Lockyer Valley LGA in Queensland. The GM sorghum may be grown between September 2022 and June 2025.

The aim of the field trial is to assess the performance of the GM sorghum under field conditions. The GM sorghum grown in this field trial would not be used in human food or animal feed.

The Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan concluded that the field trial poses negligible risks to people or the environment. However, as this is a field trial under limited and controlled conditions, licence conditions have been imposed that restrict when and where the trial can take place, limit the size of the trial, and limit the GM sorghum from spreading outside the trial. For example, there are conditions to isolate trial sites from other sorghum, to securely transport and store the GM sorghum, and to inspect the sites at the end of the trial to check that the GM sorghum is destroyed. Full details of these control measures are in the licence.

The risk analysis for this application was carried out in accordance with the Regulator’s Risk Analysis Framework.

You can find out more about sorghum and how it is farmed in Australia in our biology document.

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Licence decision - notification

Outlines the Regulator’s decision to issue a licence following the assessment of this application.

Licence decision - Q&A

FAQs on the licence application and the Regulator’s decision to issue a licence for this application.

Risk assessment and risk management plan - summary

A summary of the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan prepared as part of the assessment of this application. It provides a brief description of the licence application, the risk assessment and risk management plan.

Risk assessment and risk management plan - full version

The final risk assessment and management plan prepared to support the Regulator's decision. It describes the GMO(s) and proposed work with the GMO(s) and provides an assessment of potential risks posed by the GMO(s). It also includes a summary of submissions received during the public consultation process.

Licence conditions

Sets out the licence conditions imposed by the Regulator, including the licence holder’s general and specific obligations and reporting requirements.

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Trial site listing

Status Crop status updated Date planted GPS coordinates Local government area Trial site area (ha) Trial site number Trial site state
Post-harvest monitoring -27.541764 152.336075,-27.541783 152.334794,-27.541403 152.335933,-27.542136 152.334942 Lockyer Valley 1 1 QLD