9th National IBC forum

The 9th National Institutional Biosafety Committee forum was held on the 12th and 13th of May 2022. A selection of presentations from the forum have been made available.

Welcome and Opening of the Forum

Opening & Keynote – 20 years of clinical trials – Prof John Rasko

20 years of Gene Technology Regulation

Introduction and setting the scene for the Forum – Dr Raj Bhula, Gene Technology Regulator

20 years of Community attitudes – Dr Craig Cormick

20 years of GM Plants – Prof Peter Langridge

A role for citizens’ juries in understanding community attitudes towards complex technologies: a case study in human genome editing – Prof Dianne Nicol

Organisational governance

Process, procedures, practices & liability – Mr Neil Ellis

Clinical trial governance – NSW Health (Dr Antonio Penna)

Maintaining product integrity of biotechnology-derived plant products – Australian Seed Federation (Mr Osman Mewett)

Trace GMOs and trade – DAWE (Ms Alison Curran)

Introduction to the OGTR

Introduction/refresher on the Gene Technology Regulatory scheme – Dr Heidi Mitchell


Overview of facility certifications – Dr Sarita Dhounchak

Review of the PC3 certification guidelines – Ms Geraldine Lester

Operational information

Changes to online forms - Ms Emma Collins

New licence application form for clinical trials – Dr Liesa Hindmarsh

Pre-commencement reviews – Dr Michelle Wooster

Revision of OGTR’s Risk Analysis Framework – Dr Peter Thygesen

GMO Register – Dr Kylie Tattersall

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