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GMO regulatory requirements

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Corresponding state and territory legislation

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National framework of Ethical Principles in Gene Technology 2012

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Working with GMOs

Accreditation process

Guidelines for accreditation

Accreditation forms

Variation, suspension, surrender or transfer of accreditation

Accredited organisation responsibilities

Organisation annual report

Application to certify facilities

Application forms

PC1 certification guidelines

PC2 certification guidelines

PC3 certification guidelines

PC4 certification guidelines

Application forms to work with GMOs

What authorisation do you need?

Overview of application process

Confidential Commercial Information (CCI)

Environmental release dealings (DIR)

DIR application process
Emergency dealings
Stacked plant GMOs
Post harvest monitoring policy

Contained dealings

Dealing not involving an Intentional Release (DNIR)
Notifiable Low Risk Dealings (NLRD)
Exempt dealings
Viral vectors

Inadvertent dealings

Transfer, surrender and suspension of a licence

Variation of a GMO licence

Institutional Biosafety Committee

List of accredited organisations

Transport, storage and disposal

Previous guidelines

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Risk analysis framework

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