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Updated September 2011

Variation of accreditation

To allow accreditations to adjust to changing circumstances, instruments of accreditation are able to be varied. An application to vary an accreditation may be made in writing to the Regulator.

Holders of accreditation should contact the OGTR for details on how to apply.

Suspension of accreditation

The Regulator can suspend an accreditation if the Regulator believes, on reasonable grounds, that the conditions of the accreditation have been breached. The Act also contemplates that a suspension can be in response to a request from the holder of the accreditation.

A request to suspend an accreditation should be in writing to the Regulator. Accredited organisations should first contact the OGTR for details on how to apply for suspension.

The Regulator will give the holder of the accreditation written notice of any decision on suspension.

Surrender of accreditation

When accreditation is cancelled at the request of an accredited organisation, the OGTR refers to the accreditation as being ‘surrendered’.

Holders of accreditation should note that the surrender of accreditation will have implications for any licences which require ongoing accreditation as a condition of the licence.

Accredited organisations wishing to surrender their accreditation should first contact the OGTR for further information. Applications for surrender should be made in writing to the Regulator.

Transfer of accreditation

There is no express provision in the Act to transfer accreditation. Where an accredited organisation wishes to ‘transfer’ the accreditation to another organisation, the accreditation should be surrendered and the other organisation advised to apply to the Regulator for accreditation.