Sub-section 136A(1) of the Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act) requires the Gene Technology Regulator (the Regulator) to prepare and give to the Minister after each quarter a report on the operations of the Regulator during that quarter. Sub-section 136A(2) of the Act requires that the report include information on:
  • GMO licences issued during the quarter
  • breaches of conditions of a GMO licence that have come to the Regulator’s attention during the quarter
  • Emergency Dealing Determinations (EDDs) made by the Minister during the quarter
  • any breaches of conditions of an EDD that have come to the Regulator’s attention during the quarter
  • auditing and monitoring of dealings with GMOs under the Act by the Regulator or an inspector during the quarter.
Its purpose is to inform the community of our roles and responsibilities and to provide a summary of our achievements over the past quarter.
This report has four key sections.

Gene technology regulatory system

Provides advice on the activities and outcomes achieved in relation to the implementation and management of the national regulatory system during the quarter.

Regulation of genetically modified organisms

Provides details on the regulatory activity undertaken, including information about applications for, and action taken with respect to, GMO licences and other instruments under the Act. It also includes details of monitoring, auditing and compliance activities by the Regulator during this quarter.

Statutory committee operations

Reports on the activities of the two advisory committees established under the Act to assist the Regulator and the Gene Technology Ministerial Council.

Other activities of the Gene Technology Regulator

Describes other activities relating to the statutory functions of the Regulator that support the operations of the gene technology regulatory system.