Steps in the evaluation process

Notification of receipt of application - These notices provide advice that a DIR licence application has been received by the OGTR and that a RARMP is in preparation.

Public calls for comment - The Regulator has invited the public to provide comment on a RARMP regarding the identified risk(s) to human health and the environment and the proposed management measures.

Call for comment closed - Comments on these RARMPs have closed, the Regulator is considering submissions and a decision on the licence is imminent.

Summary of the evaluation process for DIR licence applications flow chart

For more information about DIR applications, please contact the OGTR. DIR applications are available on request (excluding any information that the Regulator has declared to be, or is under consideration as, Confidential Commercial Information) to anyone that requests a copy (section 54 of the Act). A summary of application and, once prepared, the RARMP for each application is available on this website.
Represents the status of licence applications and includes links to the relevant documents
DIR Licence Application Number Title of Project Notification of receipt of application Public calls for comment on RARMP open Call for comment closed (under consideration by the Regulator) Is application being assessed as ‘limited and controlled’?
DIR 145Commercial release of cotton genetically modified for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance (Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex and XtendFlex cotton)07 Apr 2016No
DIR 144Clinical trial of live attenuated genetically modified influenza vaccines 22 Dec 201523 May 201627 Jun 2016Yes
DIR 143Commercial release of cotton genetically modified for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance (GlyTol® and GlyTol TwinLink Plus®)26 Feb 2016No

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