About the GMO tables

The following tables provide a summary of GMOs released into the environment.

GMOs can be released for a limited time under specified conditions (limited and controlled release) or without a time limit on their release (“Commercial release”). Some restrictions on commercial releases may still apply.

All releases are assigned a licence number and referred to as “DIR” which is short for “Dealings involving intentional release” into the environment. “Dealing” with GMO includes many activities such as conduct experiments, make, develop, produce, transport and dispose.

In addition to licences, there is also a “GMO Register”. The Regulator can decide that certain dealings previously authorised by a licence may be included in the GMO Register. Dealings on the GMO register no longer require a licence, they can be conducted by anyone.

Table of applications and authorisations for Dealings involving Intentional Release (DIR) into the environment
Licence No Organisation Title of Project Parent Organism Modified Trait Issue Date Licence Status
DIR 160Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and ResourcesLimited and controlled release of perennial ryegrass genetically modified for fructan biosynthesisApplication under evaluation
DIR 158Go Resources Pty LtdCommercial release of safflower genetically modified for high oleic acid compositionApplication under evaluation
DIR 157Syngenta Australia Pty LtdCommercial release of cotton genetically modified for insect resistance (COT102)Application under evaluation
DIR 156RMIT UniversityLimited and controlled release of buffalo grass genetically modified for herbicide tolerance and dwarf phenotypeApplication under evaluation
DIR 155Nuseed Pty LtdCommercial release of canola genetically modified for omega-3 oil content (DHA canola)Application under evaluation