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Risk Analysis Framework for Licence Applications to the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (2013)

The Biology of Saccharum spp. (Sugarcane)
Site details for DIR 129
Site no. Area (ha) Date planted LGA/State GPS Coordinates Crop status Crop status updated
10.7November 2012Burdekin/QLD1935’41’’S 14718”3’’ E
1935’41’’S 14718”3’’ E
1935’53’’S 14718”2’’ E
1935’53’’S 14718”2’’ E
CurrentNovember 2012
20.64November 2015Burdekin/QLD1935'40.76"S 14718'14.51"E
1935'40.82"S 14718'15.0"E
1935'52.25"S 14718'13.28"E
1935'52.25"S 14718'13.75"E
Signed offMay 2017
30.35November 2015Burdekin/QLD1935'41.77"S 14718'02.92"E
1935'42.02"S 14718'03.06"E
1935'47.31"S 14717'50.77"E
1935'47.56"S 14717'50.91"E
Signed offJune 2017
41.68November 2015Burdekin/QLD1935'42.02"S; 14718'03.06"E
1935'43.72"S; 14718'03.06"E
1935'49.96"S; 14717'49.35"E
1935'47.64"S; 14717'50.75"E
CurrentNovember 2015
50.25November 2015Mackay/QLD2109'44.78"S 14906'37.86"E
2109'44.88"S 14906'38.57"E
2109'48.47"S 14906'37.23"E
2109'48.93"S 14906'37.86"E
PHMJune 2017
61.66November 2015Mackay/QLD21 9'44.75"S 149 6'55.92"E
21 9'45.05"S 149 6'58.18"E
21 9'52.70"S 149 6'54.78"E
21 9'52.99"S 149 6'57.03"E
CurrentNovember 2015
70.49November 2015Bundaberg/QLD2511'16.42"S 15212'30.77"E
2511'22.97"S 15212'37.12"E
2511'17.57"S 15212'29.89"E
2511'23.85"S 15212'36.21"E
Signed offAugust 2017
80.3November 2015Bundaberg/QLD2511'17.19"S 15212'30.08"E
2511'23.42"S 15212'36.38"E
2511'17.47"S 15212'29.70"E
2511'23.81"S 15212'36.08"E
CurrentNovember 2015
92November 2015Bundaberg/QLD2511'19.76"S; 15212'24.76"E
2511'27.61"S; 15212'32.39"E
2511'19.21"S; 15212'27.62"E
2511'25.85"S; 15212'34.07"E
CurrentNovember 2015
100.0744November 2015Moreton Bay/QLD2655'38.51"S 15246'43.42"E
2655'40.48"S 15246'43.07"E
2655'40.42"S 15246'42.64"E
2655'38.44"S 15246'42.95"E
PHMJanuary 2017
110.4November 2015Moreton Bay/QLD2655'37.52"S; 15246'34.93"E
2655'37.86''S; 15246'38.04''E
2655'39.24''S; 15246'34.56''E
2655'39.54''S; 15246'36.6''E
2655'38.88''S; 15246'36.72''E
2655'39''S; 15246'37.8''E
PHMJanuary 2017
120.28November 2015Hinchinbrook/QLD1839'8.47"S; 14611'0.54"E
1839'8.74"S; 14611'0.21"E
1839'13.98"S; 14611'4.75"E
1839'13.68"S; 14611'5.08"E
CurrentNovember 2015
131.8April 2016Bundaberg/QLD2511'17.99"S; 15212'29.85"E
2511'23.83"S; 15212'36.06"E
2511'25.49"S; 15212'34.19"E
2511'19.48"S; 15212'28.10"E
CurrentApril 2016
141.38May 2016Burdekin/QLD1935'43.91"S; 14718'3.06"E_ 1935'45.16"S; 14718'2.95"E
1935'50.07"S; 14717'49.53"E_ 1935'50.68"S; 14717'50.67"E
CurrentJune 2016
150.21May 2016Burdekin/QLD1935'41.40"S; 14718'4.09"E_ 1935'41.34"S; 14718'4.25"E
1935'53.69"S; 14718'2.71"E_ 1935'53.71"S; 14718'2.89"E
CurrentJune 2016
161.26September 2016Hinchinbrook/QLD1839'14.61"S; 14611'4.67"E_ 1839'16.03"S; 14611'2.86"E
1839'11.51"S; 14610'58.91"E_ 1839'10.05"S; 14611'0.73"E
CurrentSeptember 2016
170.43September 2017Bundaberg/QLD2511'16.42"S 15212'30.77"E
2511'22.97"S 15212'37.12"E
2511'17.57"S 15212'29.89"E
2511'23.85"S 15212'36.21"E
CurrentSeptember 2017
180.125October 2017Moreton Bay/QLD26055'38.4"S_152046'42"E; 26055'38.64"S_152046'42.78"E
26055'40.56"S_152046'42.54"E; 26055'40.32"S_152046'41.76"E
CurrentOctober 2017
BN0.02November 2015Burdekin/QLD1934'11.35"S 14719'35.17"ESigned offJuly 2017
WN0.02May 2017Moreton Bay/QLD2655'52.75"S 15246'28.69"ECurrentMay 2017


Site 1 was formerly Site 4 under DIR 096

Site 2 was formerly Site 9 under DIR 096

Site 3 was formerly Site 10 under DIR 096

Site 4 was formerly Site 17 under DIR 096

Site 5 was formerly Site 11 under DIR 096

Site 6 was formerly Site 18 under DIR 096

Site 7 was formerly Site 14 under DIR 096

Site 8 was formerly Site 15 under DIR 096

Site 9 was formerly Site 16 under DIR 096

Site 10 was formerly Site 13 under DIR 096

Site 11 was formerly Site 19 under DIR 096

BN = Burdekin Nursery (Originally planted in January 2010, signed off in December 2014 and replanted in May 2015 under DIR 096) subsumed under DIR 129 in November 2015

WN = Woodford Nursery - Originally planted under DIR-096 in April 2010, signed off in November 2014 and replanted in June 2015. Subsumed from DIR-096 in November 2015 and signed off November 2015.