7.1 Australian approvals

7.1.1 Previous releases approved by the Regulator and the GMAC

55. No GM safflower has been previously released in Australia.

56. The Regulator has previously approved field trials of GM cotton with the trait of increased levels of oleic acid under licences DIR 039 and DIR 085. Information on these licences is available from the GMO Record on the OGTR website. There have been no reports of adverse effects on human health or the environment resulting from any of these releases.

7.1.2 Approvals by other government agencies

57. FSANZ has previously approved food derived from lines of GM soybean with the trait of increased levels of oleic acid as safe for human consumption (FSANZ 2009; FSANZ 2011).

7.2 International approvals

58. None of the GM safflower lines proposed for release in this application have been approved for release in other countries.

59. Field trials of different GM safflower lines, with various traits, have been approved in the United States, Canada and Argentina.