Australian Capital Territory
APVMAAustralian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
CaMVCauliflower mosaic virus
CCIConfidential Commercial Information as declared under section 185 of the Gene Technology Act 2000
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
DAFFDepartment of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
DIRDealings involving Intentional Release
DNADeoxyribonucleic acid
FAD2Δ12 desaturase gene
FATBPalmitoyl ACP thioesterase gene
FSANZFood Standards Australia New Zealand
gfpGreen fluorescent protein gene
GMGenetically modified
GMOGenetically modified organism
GRDCGrains Research and Development Corporation
GTTACGene Technology Technical Advisory Committee
HGTHorizontal gene transfer
hphHygromycin phosphotransferase gene
mRNAMessenger RNA
NSWNew South Wales
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OGTROffice of the Gene Technology Regulator
PC2Physical Containment level 2
RARMPRisk Assessment and Risk Management Plan
RegulationsGene Technology Regulations 2001
RegulatorGene Technology Regulator
RNARibonucleic acid
RNAiRNA interference
siRNASmall interfering RNA
the ActThe Gene Technology Act 2000