About the GMO tables

The following tables provide a summary of GMOs released into the environment.

GMOs can be released for a limited time under specified conditions (limited and controlled release) or without a time limit on their release (“Commercial release”). Some restrictions on commercial releases may still apply.

All releases are assigned a licence number and referred to as “DIR” which is short for “Dealings involving intentional release” into the environment. “Dealing” with GMO includes many activities such as conduct experiments, make, develop, produce, transport and dispose.

In addition to licences, there is also a “GMO Register”. The Regulator can decide that certain dealings previously authorised by a licence may be included in the GMO Register. Dealings on the GMO register no longer require a licence, they can be conducted by anyone.

Authorisations for commercial releases of GM crops plants (subset of list of licences involving Intentional Release)
Licence No Parent Organism Modified Trait Event Name(s) OECD Unique Identifier(s) Organisation Issue Date Licence Status
DIR 030/2002Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)Modified colour, Selectable marker -herbicide Moonlite™ Moonshade™ Moonshadow™ Moonvista™FLO-4644-6;
Florigene Pty Ltd17 Jun 2003Ceased