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Allegations of non-compliance

If you think someone you know is not complying with their responsibilities under the Gene Technology Act 2000, we want to hear from you. We depend on good information to deal with people who are breaking Australia's gene technology laws and to ensure industry integrity. You could telephone 1800 181 030 or email using the form below. None of the fields are mandatory, but we appreciate as much information you can provide.

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I have read the warning and disclaimer and I accept, acknowledge and agree.

Personal Details

The names of the licence holder or persons you believe to are being non-compliant:
Are any private citizens or companies involved? If so, please include their names and contact details, if known, and any other information you believe may be relevant;

Summary of the matter you are reporting:
Please include names, dates, times, locations and any other information you believe to be relevant;

If it is not apparent in your summary, please indicate how you became aware of the matter you are reporting;

Are there other people who know about this matter who could assist the OGTR:
If so, please include their names and contact details and indicate whether they are aware that you have provided their details to the OGTR;

Please indicate whether you have reported this matter to any other agencies:
It will help if you include the names of any other agencies you have contacted about this, when you contacted them and their responses;

Do you have or know of any documents, records or other information that may be relevant?
Please include any information on any documents or records you believe will assist the OGTR. Note that you do not need to provide these documents to the OGTR now as they will be requested if needed:

If the OGTR pursues the matter or decides to refer it to another agency, it may be neccessary to identify you as the source of information.
Do you consent to your name and contact details being disclosed to another agency?

 I consent to my details being disclosed to another agency

For clients who prefer to post or fax their reports rather than submit electronically, please fill out one of the forms below and send to the OGTR.

Allegations of non-compliance form (RTF 12 KB)
Allegations of non-compliance form (PDF 39 KB)
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