OGTR Stakeholder Engagement Framework

This framework outlines how the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) communicates and engages with stakeholders. The OGTR is an agency in the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Health. This framework draws on the engagement principles established by the Department’s Stakeholder Engagement Framework for building consistent, open and respectful working relationships.

The framework is focussed on communication activities that enable informed decision making, encourage compliance and maintain community trust in the Gene Technology Regulator:

  • By seeking broad input on risk assessment and risk management we ensure we have access to the most current and relevant information to guide our decision making.
  • Effective communication with those working with GMOs encourages a high level of compliance with Australia’s laws, regulations and guidelines and thereby also ensures work with GMOs is conducted safely.
  • Community trust can be maintained by providing transparency about our processes, and avenues for communication and consultation.
Our engagement activities also allow us to improve the way we work by providing us with up to date knowledge of our stakeholders and their needs.

Downloadable version

PDF version of OGTR Stakeholder Engagement Framework Summary (PDF 1391 KB)
DOCX version of OGTR Stakeholder Engagement Framework Summary (DOCX 390 KB)

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